An Invitation to Hitler


June 1940.  Britain stands alone, its army defeated by the German panzers in France, the survivors barely rescued from the beaches of Dunkirk.

In London, Winston Churchill tries to rally the nation, but the British forces are close to crumbling under the German pressure.

Then an unknown group makes contact with the Nazis, seeking talks.

Who are these 'Realists'?  Are there traitors even inside the  government?

Who has sent An Invitation to Hitler?


'A thrilling read'

                  Historical Novel Society

'Beautifully written, almost lyrical prose.'

              Amazon Vine Review 

Quarter Finalist: 2014 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award

The Battle for England


September 1940. The Nazi forces are mustering on the shores of France. Nine hundred years after England was last invaded,  Hitler's armies are about to cross the English Channel.


Can Britain's battered forces resist the powerful German army. Can Churchill keep his country united? The battlelines are drawn, the weapons are raised.

But not all Churchill's enemies are abroad. Not all its friends are at home.

The Battle for England is about to begin.