...and the world was different


Somewhere in the forest

a butterfly flapped its wings​...





Summer 1940.

  A fateful summer, when the destiny of Britain and Europe hung in the balance.

The series of novels explore ​what did happen and what may have,
what did not happen but might well have.   
Fact or Fiction?

Fiction mostly... probably...
But when the historical record is shrouded in mystery,

where does interpretation end and invention begin?

Even the author of the fiction cannot be certain.​

Wind the clock back to that turning point in history

Take the world as it was, and the technology of the time
Take the characters that strode the stage, and play them in their skins
Then let the butterfly flap its wings, and roll the clock forward.


Downing St

'A thrilling read'

                               Historical Novel Society


'Beautifully written, almost lyrical prose'

                            Amazon Vine Review 

'Explodes with promise'

                               Publishers' Weekly


'Sea Lion has been the subject of many

alternative histories. This is the best I have read'

                                          Historical Novel Society

'Extraordinary... Alternate History at its best'

                                                  Amazon.ca review